Hi, I'm Jakob–

a friendly freelance consultant and developer, based in Aarhus, Denmark

I'm passionate about the web as a platform for enhancing focus, meaning and effiency in the world.

Magic appears when UX, design and technology are fused.
I have many years of experience making that happen.*

*"Wow, that's fluffy ... what do you do, exactly?"

Well, thanks for asking. 🙂

Since I put my first Dreamweaver website online in 1999, I have been a web designer, "seo expert", UX/interaction designer, consultant, frontend developer, mobile developer, full stack developer and startup founder.

I've seen the web evolve from a place for personal PHP websites, through enterprise CMS sites in Sharepoint and Sitecore and into a mature platform for business critical applications.

These days I specialize in creating modern web applications that bring focus and clarity in our busy world of big data, IOT and machine learning.

I'm equally at home in frameworks such as Angular, React and Vue.

Every day, I learn something new, both technically and otherwise.
Through experience, I have come to know deeply that great results come from inspired teams that work well together. It's never a solo effort. That's why I care a lot about agile and always strive to be open-minded, proactive and easy to work with.

You can reach me here:

jakobloekkemadsen.com ApS
Åkandevej 4
8260 Viby J

+45 26 65 25 68

Jakob Løkke Madsen